Implementing Everything DiSC® in the Workplace

Everything DiSC is a powerful tool for implementing change in the workplace. One of the biggest struggles for many organizations is that some people just can’t get along.

When people are struggling to communicate effectively, meaningful work often falls by the wayside.

But this is more than just a drop in productivity. Statistics show that, “51% of managers are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged,” and, “Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.”

It’s even more than a lack of employee engagement — 47% of HR teams say employee retention and turnover is their biggest challenge.

When employees aren’t getting along, employee engagement drops, profits drop, and employees start looking for other opportunities.

Everything DiSC was developed to solve this problem — the people problem. Everything DiSC is the first step in implementing real, lasting change in how your coworkers and employees interact with each other.

Then comes Catalyst, a powerful tool that gives your employees access to a database of all the DiSC styles of everyone in your organization. They can see how their colleagues can best be approached, talked to, and worked with.

They can access this database at any time through a simple online portal.

They’ll be able to find a colleague they’re interested in learning more about, see how their own DiSC profile aligns with their colleagues’ DiSC profile, and then get tips and info on how they can both work better together.

Facilitated Activities Drive Real Change

Once everyone is on the Catalyst platform and the baseline set, it’s time to put Everything DiSC into action.

Through a variety of facilitation tools, HR professionals are able to start teaching their colleagues how to use Catalyst and the concepts of DiSC to better understand themselves and improve how to interact with each other.

These facilitation tools include everything from presentation materials (which can be modified to include your own content) to leader scripts, participant handouts, and more. 

You’ll use these tools to teach people how to build better relationships. What’s truly powerful is that participants in these workshops will learn how each individual DiSC profile interacts with other DiSC profiles.

This gives participants not just an understanding of their colleagues, but actionable “intelligence” that they can use when working with people who are profoundly different from them.

And if this is something your HR team needs a little help with, you can always work with our expert facilitators who have decades of experience leading teams to success.

Solving the People Problem Highlights What’s Possible

Solving the People Problem: Essential Skills You Need to Lead and Succeed in Today’s Workplace uses stories and research to highlight what happens when organizations embrace the language of Everything DiSC. In chapter after chapter, Solving the People Problem provides real-life examples of problems in a workplace and how they were solved.

When you get your people onto the Catalyst platform and you put Solving the People Problem in their hands, you equip your leaders and team members with the information they need to build healthy work relationships and improve their communication skills.

When your people each have a copy of Solving the People Problem, they can dig deep into examples of how Everything DiSC effected true change in an organization (and between coworkers), providing a roadmap that will help them, and your entire organization, get the most value possible out of your investment in Catalyst.

Learn More About What Catalyst Can Do for Your Organization

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