Catalyst™ is a platform that helps co-workers adapt to each other in real-time, unlocking engagement, and inspiring more effective collaboration for the long term.

Solve the People Problem and Avoid Miscommunication, Frustration and Decreased Productivity

As a leader, you know how important it is for co-workers to understand each other’s styles and preferences every time they interact. You’ve probably even invested in assessments and training in the past. But, what happens when the excitement fades away and everyone goes back to business as usual? 

Stand-alone workshops without ongoing reinforcement for team cohesion and collaboration often don’t have a lasting impact.
Emotional intelligence isn’t naturally built into our daily work life.
Many of us don’t remember what we learn about our own styles, much less those of our colleagues.

An Employee Engagement Tool Like You've Never Experienced Before

What if everyone in your organization could easily understand their own behaviors AND those of their colleagues? Catalyst is your organization’s solution for unlocking such insights and taking your collective emotional intelligence to new heights. Every person can learn about their own styles PLUS they can look up any co-worker and instantly learn that person’s style and get customized on-demand training and tips for interacting with them and for driving higher levels of team cohesion and collaboration. 

That means every meeting, every project, every interaction between colleagues will be preceded with quick, fun, and personalized guidance on how to foster more engagement, collaboration, and connection. 

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is your organization's interactive DiSC portal.

Employee Engagement Strategies with Catalyst start with a DiSC© assessment.

Catalyst precisely measures DiSC styles using the latest research in psychometrics and computer adaptive testing.

Every member of your organization who completes an assessment will be added to the colleague directory, instantly receiving insights into their own style and the preferences of others, presented in bite-sized informational modules.

Here’s the Catalyst game-changer; every person can explore their co-workers’ styles and get customized advice on how to adapt their own behavior for increased team cohesion and collaboration.

Catalyst Helps People:

Asset 5
Better understand themselves
Asset 6
Appreciate and value the difference in perspective and approach
Asset 7
Consistently adapt your employee engagement strategies to meet the needs of each person or situation they encounter

The result is lasting impact.

Co-workers better understand each other and enjoy working together creating an engaged, collaborative, and adaptive culture that drives results.

We Provide Everything You Need

Our job is to equip you to use Catalyst to solve the people problems in your organization. Whether your goals are tied to increasing employee engagement, reducing conflict and miscommunication, or developing your leaders and teams, we are here to help. View the individual elements below, or click here to see the definitive guide to implementing Catalyst. 

Get Started with Catalyst

Catalyst is priced on a per-seat basis. If you have fewer than 134 people in your organization, use the shopping cart below to purchase now (volume discounts are applied automatically). If you have 134 or more employees in your organization, use the form below to get a customized quote.


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This facilitation kit is designed to enable you to support people as they learn about both the model and themselves. The kit includes everything you need in order to create your own workshops to help people apply the lessons of the Catalyst platform. With the embedded script and videos, this is a wonderful tool to help trainers and coaches get up to speed quickly. It also allows the opportunity to provide consistency among a team of trainers within an organization. This is a must-have for organizations that are employing Solving the People Problem and/or Everything DiSC Catalyst to create greater results.

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