Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ vs Other DiSC Assessments | The Difference Is Ongoing

DiSC workshops are great tools—they are the starting point that every employee needs to begin their journey of learning their DiSC style and how it applies to their unique work environment.

However, a workshop is only the beginning. In DiSC workshops, participants discover a lot about themselves, but many participants don’t apply these principles after the workshop, stopping the learning and growth that they could achieve from the amazing opportunity the workshops create..

Here’s why Everything DiSC Catalyst is the tool every organization needs to take what employees learn in the Everything DiSC workshops and apply it effectively in the workplace.

Workshops vs Ongoing Work

What usually happens in a workshop is that new ways of thinking are sparked. However, if that spark isn’t cultivated, all the hard work of the workshop (not to mention the cost of the workshop) is wasted.

We’ve seen over and over how organizations that participate in workshops but fail to follow through on what they’ve learned fail to create lasting change in the workplace.

What Catalyst does is to lead organizations through critical next steps. The Catalyst platform gives you access to all the DiSC styles of everyone in your organization, and any employee can access these styles at any time. It’s simple to use and offers real-time tips on how to interact with your coworkers based on your style and their style.

This helps you to apply what you’ve learned in the workshops in real-world situations. Learning what your and your coworker’s DiSC styles are is a good start, but actually applying that information in real time is what creates lasting change.

This is a true return-and-learn approach that just isn’t found in other DiSC assessments.

Deeper, More Effective Work Relationships

Over time, Catalyst helps you and your coworkers to create deeper, more effective work relationships.

You have access to a personalized learning platform that lets you continually check on how best to interact with your coworkers based on your DiSC style and their styles.

Catalyst includes a simple-to-use dashboard that shows you all your coworker’s DiSC styles. It then gives you tips on how to interact with them based on your own style.

This helps you to both understand and to honor your and your coworker’s similarities and differences, and to find a middle ground where you can all identify with each other and discover how to work together more effectively.

You’ll be able to develop your emotional intelligence as they develop theirs, and over time, you’ll both develop your interpersonal abilities and skills to more effectively work toward your organization’s goals.

Interpersonal issues will reduce over time, and the work toward mutual success will become more effective because these issues are no longer getting in the way.

Employees Grow More Effective Throughout Their Careers in The Organization

What’s truly exciting about Catalyst is that it makes it possible for users to become more effective at interacting with coworkers throughout their entire career, no matter what promotions they receive or how their roles might change.

Organizations that participate in Everything DiSC workshops have always struggled to make long-term impacts because participants do not use what they’ve learned about their DiSC styles and the DiSC styles of others to interact with each other in new and more productive ways.

Essentially, they do not take what they’ve learned and apply it in the workplace.

Catalyst ensures that, over time, they build deeper self-awareness about their own communication tendencies while also becoming more aware of the tendencies and preferences of their colleagues.

Ultimately, this is a virtuous cycle that increases emotional intelligence and enables workers to skillfully adapt their behavior for the mutual benefit of all those around them. 

With continued access to Catalyst, this leads to more effective growth over time. As organizations evolve, coworkers leave, and new coworkers join, Catalyst provides the information they need to swiftly react to these new relationships and work situations.

As their career with the organization grows and shifts, they will grow their emotional intelligence, allowing them to quickly adapt to new situations and to apply the Everything DiSC principles almost subconsciously.

This leads to more effective career growth and more effective growth for the organization as a whole

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