Conquering the Great Resignation

We have all read it in the news, “The Great Resignation.” Too many of us have felt it in action in our own organizations. People leave, people we needed and counted on to do important work. Retention is a big issue in animal welfare and it doesn’t look like we can wait it out. The reasons people give us when they leave are varied – new opportunities, stress, challenges through the pandemic, frustration, etc. The list can seem endless at times and overwhelming, making us feel powerless to stop it.

You are not Powerless. You can slow, possibly even stop, the talent drain in your organization. We impact how others view their options and their future. We can impact them to want to stay and contribute to the future in a powerful way, or unintentionally help them decide it is better to leave. 

Here is a short e-book (just 9 pages) for you that walks through research from McKinsey and others about what is happening in the Great Resignation and more importantly, what we can do about it to retain our talent. Check out the free e-book here. One quote from the e-book –

“managers are a key driver of the employee experience with 96% of individual contributors surveyed agreeing that their manager has an impact on their well being at work, and 42% stating they have left a job in the past because of their manager.”

The added stress of the last few years has made it even more critical that we as leaders continue to grow and develop our ability to meet the needs of those we serve. One interesting finding from McKinsey’s research –

  • Employers viewed whether the employee felt “valued by the manager” as the tenth most important factor in an employee’s decision to leave or stay. 
  • Employees rated this same characteristic as second most critical in determining if they would stay. 

As leaders, we have a significant impact on the well-being of our staff and their decision to stay. Ongoing development plays a significant role in building our ability to take on the challenges we face. We need the technical skills of our jobs, but as important are the essential relational skills to support our people. At the end of the day, it is our connections to people that matter.

Supportive, positive relationships with our staff have an outsized impact on their decision to contribute with us into the future. We build positive working relationships through understanding ourselves and the people we work with. The ebook contains some clues to beginning to understand yourself as a leader and how you can support your people.

Search out opportunities to gain skills to grow as a leader for your organization. Great leaders are the key to great organizations, and great leaders continue to grow their skills as well as the skills of their teams. Become the leader you would want to follow.

Adapted from the best-selling book Solving the People Problem.

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