• Reflect Forward

    8/10/2021. Brett speaks with Kerry about how the key to optimizing relationships is understanding yourself and others better so you can solve your people problem.

  • Be Brave at Work Part 2

    8/2/2021. Brett and Evans continue their discussion with Ed about their new book about solving the people problem at work.

  • Be Brave at Work Part 1

    7/29/2021. Brett and Evans speaks with Ed about their mission to improve lives by expanding the existence of healthy organizations and great places to work.

  • The EdUp Experience

    6/24/2021. Brett speaks with Liz and Joe about sense of self, arming yourself with better emotional intelligence tools, and becoming a driving force for team cohesion, effectiveness, and productivity within your organization.

  • The Entrepreneur Ethos

    6/9/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Jarie about being more productive and fostering greater understanding through increasing emotional intelligence.

  • Mindful School Marketing

    5/26/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Tara about theories on emotional intelligence and continuous improvement and how you can foster deeper self-awareness.

  • Build Your Success Podcast

    5/4/2021. Brett and Evans talk with Brian Brogen about practical advice and real world examples of creating successful teams using both EQ and DISC.

  • Business Unusual Podcast

    4/14/2021. Brett talks with Ralf Fletcher about how workplace cultures are shifting in the ‘new normal’ and how teams need to honor differences to better communicate with each other.

  • H.O.T. Takes with B.O.S.S.

    4/13/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Lawrence Henderson about establishing relationships that really work.

  • The Mentor Project

    4/12/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Fahad Khan about how we can solve the people problems that are making our work lives more difficult.

  • The Leadership Hacker

    4/12/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Steve Rush about how the problems we face as leaders often boil down to personality differences.

  • LeadUp

    4/6/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Mike Harbour about leadership, communication and engagement in the workplace.

  • Helping Organisations Thrive

    3/29/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Julian Roberts about how to have a positive impact as a leader.

  • The Mark Struczewski Podcast

    3/24/2021. Brett talks with Mark about three issues regarding leaders, how to understand people, common goals, and more.

  • The Veterans Radio Show

    3/5/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Shelly Harrison about the value and importance of emotional intelligence in your long term career success.

  • Leadership Junkies

    3/4/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Jeff and Craig about enhancing your leadership and people solving skills by better understanding yourself.

  • conventioNOT

    3/2/2021. Brett talks with Mike and Ryan about the social skills required by leaders to motivate people.

  • Plan B Success

    2/21/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Rajeev Mudumba about the crux of the people problem and what you can do to fix it.

  • Hacking Your Leadership

    2/10/2021. Brett speaks with Chris and Lorenzo about organizational improvement and building better relationships.

  • Inevitable: The Future of Work

    2/10/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Jeff, Amy, and Joe about how our needs and the needs of our colleagues can come together in constructive ways to help us perform better.

  • 808 Podcast

    2/8/2021. Brett talks with Bob Clark about the importance of increasing your emotional intelligence to make yourself more successful.

  • The Struggle is Real

    2/1/2021. Brett and Evans talk with Justin Peters about how and why people should communicate with their colleagues, clients, and vendors more effectively.

  • Lean Blog Interviews

    1/26/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Mark Graban about how "the problem begins with you?” meaning that leaders have to go first.

  • Leadership Simplified

    1/21/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Rhonda Delaney about becoming more sensitive to the perspectives of others.

  • My Morning Coffee

    1/18/2021. Brett and Evans get into the weeds with Gia and Tonya about why people don't work well together and solutions to help solve those problems.

  • Personal Productivity

    1/11/2021. Brett and Evans speak with Conor Butts about why you want to solve the people problem, the DISC method and how leadership is about relationships.

  • Grind. Sell. Elevate.

    1/7/2021. Brett speaks with Tyzer Evans about building your emotional intelligence by knowing yourself. 

  • SmallBizChat

    12/16/2020. Brett speaks with Melinda Emerson about solving the people problems in your small business for more success.

  • Transform Your Workplace

    12/15/2020. Brett and Evans speak with Brandon Laws about how to build positive and effective workplace relationships.

  • The Kingsley Grant Show

    12/6/2020. Brett and Evans speak with Kinglsey Grant to help us understand what leadership essential skills are needed to succeed in today's workplace.

  • Close the Deal Without Selling

    12/3/2020. Brett talks with Ike Krieger about the common language approach that causes you grief and how you can correct it.

  • Talent Talk

    11/3/2020. Brett and Evans speak with Chris Dyer about how they find ways to work together as teams, be better leaders, and promote more efficiency in organizations.

  • Business Bros Pod

    10/21/2020. Hernan and James of the Business Bros Podcast talk with Brett and Evans about changing lives.

  • Author Hour

    9/30/2020. Brett and Evans talk with Drew Applebaum of Author Hour about knowing yourself and connecting with others who have different styles.

  • Business Talks

    9/29/2020. Brett and Evans talk essential skills to lead and succeed with Matt Watson of the Business Talks Podcast.

  • Winning at Business and Life

    9/29/2020. Brett talks to Professor Pete Alexander of the Winning at Business and Life Podcast.

  • the Intake

    9/24/2020. Evans and Brett speak with Katherine Shenar of The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.


  • 2020 WA Lean Conference Keynote

    10/27/2020. Brett and Evans give a keynote address at the 2020 Washington Lean Conference.