Guiding Your Organization to Sustainable Change

Everything DiSC Workplace® is the beginning of something amazing — teaching everyone in your organization to understand each other better so that they can become a more effective, more cohesive team.

However, what the people in your organization learn during assessments and training is only the beginning. It’s often the case that, after getting their assessment and learning their work styles, application of what they’ve learned never takes place.

It’s one thing to learn how you work and how others in your organization work, but if you don’t go deeper into those insights and apply them in the workplace, the power of DISC goes unused, and your people are never able to reach the full potential of this powerful program.

Training is just the beginning.

Awareness & Understanding of Concepts

Taking the Everything DiSC assessments show your people how they work, how others in your organization work, the concepts behind what they’re learning, and perhaps most importantly, how they can better work together.

Initial training sessions can create awareness and begin to develop our understanding. Many organizations struggle to continue developing deeper understanding and application of the tools after an initial workshop.

CatalystTM is designed to help people and organizations move up the change curve, taking these behaviors and helping your people to put them into action more quickly than with Everything DiSC Workplace alone. It begins the process of helping them apply the concepts they’ve learned through training and assessments.

Experimentation With New Behaviors

Once your people become aware of their own work styles and the work styles of their colleagues, it’s critical that they begin to actively apply this understanding when working together. 

Of course, this can be a bit awkward and strange at first, so your people have to experiment. Catalyst takes their work styles, personalizes suggestions on how they can apply them in the workplace, and gives your people the tools to understand not just themselves, but the exact work styles of their colleagues (and how to interact with them effectively).

Adoption of New Behaviors

Experimentation, when applied regularly, leads past the awkwardness stage directly to the adoption of new behaviors.

It takes time, but using the tools that Catalyst provides, your people actually begin to change how they work together, learning more as they go. Catalyst accelerates that change beyond what Everything DiSC Workplace is able to accomplish on its own.

It does this by providing an online platform on which your people can continue to learn and apply these behaviors over time, which leads to better results and increased behavior change.


Even after experimenting and adopting new behaviors, it’s possible for your people to revert to what they’re used to, to go back to how they once interacted with each other.

Catalyst is designed to ensure that doesn’t happen. It helps your organization to create the common language necessary to keep these changes going and help them become permanent.

There’s always the potential for backsliding, but when supportive structures are put in place, your organization can ensure all that hard work isn’t wasted, and that your organization can not only get healthy for a small period of time, but to also stay healthy for the long run.

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