The Definitive Guide to implementing Everything DiSC Catalyst

This guide walks you through how you can use Catalyst to overcome some of the most important challenges facing workplaces today, providing a step-by-step implementation plan for equipping every employee in your organization with the tools and knowledge they need to be the best they can be.

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WHY CATALYST? To overcome the #1 source of workplace conflict, frustration, and miscommunication. 

The #1 source of conflict, frustration, and miscommunication in the workplace is connected to the interpersonal and style differences we all encounter with our work colleagues. Some level of frustration is always likely to exist when our co-workers do things and/or communicate in ways different from our own preferences. It’s very natural to think “Why did they do that?” or “Why did they decide to go that way when I would have made such a different decision?” or "Why did that interaction go so horribly wrong?"

The key to making it better, and to building a truly healthy organizational culture, is helping every employee - from senior leaders to front-line workers and everyone in between - understand and honor these style differences.

Everything DiSC Catalyst is an interactive online platform designed to do exactly that. And the six-step implementation guide below shows you how.

If you are still learning what Catalyst is all about, click here to jump to the Discover Catalyst page. Then come back to learn how to make it work for you.

Six Steps for Implementing Catalyst

Everything DiSC Catalyst connects every employee in your organization, giving them a state-of-the-art solution that equips them to understand and honor all the different communication and personality styles around them. Use the following guide to tailor your implementation plan and take the cohesion and productivity of your team to new heights.

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