New to Everything DiSC® Catalyst™: Your Groups

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We are thrilled to announce that Your Groups on Catalyst is now live!

Your Groups is a simple, fun, and interactive tool available within each learner’s Catalyst profile. By combining DiSC® with actionable group insights, Your Groups helps teams build cohesion and adapt their behavior for optimal performance.

We all carry the weight when a team doesn’t work well together. Frustrations arise, assumptions are made, and time is wasted, hurting morale and the bottom line. Everything DiSC on Catalyst has proven to inspire more cohesive, collaborative cultures by teaching people about themselves and others. Now, the magic of DiSC can help teams perform better together with Your Groups.

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With Your Groups, learners can:

  • Create and save groups that reflect their workday
  • Plot each member of their team on the Group Map
  • Get to know their teammates with customized Style Insights
  • Shed light on group dynamics with the Big Picture

The result is a more engaged, high-performing team culture, powered by Everything DiSC®!

Using Your Groups

Start shaping a more engaged, high-performing team culture with Everything DiSC on Catalyst, now with Your Groups. 

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