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  2. Get the latest files for the modules associated with Solving the People Problem powered by Catalyst

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About the Facilitation Kit

Everything you need to facilitate your own training sessions and group learning events using the Catalyst™ platform.

  • Detailed scripts
  • Activity instructions and handouts
  • Library of professionally produced videos

The Kit is modular designed, giving you content focused on each of the six business applications included in the best-selling book, Solving the People Problem (decision making, communication, conflict, teamwork, sales and customer service, and leadership), along with the foundational content that covers the basics of Everything DiSC Workplace®, Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™, and Everything DiSC® Management.

The Modules Include

Solving the People Problem, powered by Catalyst

  • Orientation to Catalyst (90 minutes)
  • Communicating with others (90 minutes)
  • Engaging in productive conflict (90 minutes)
  • Working together as a team (90 minutes)
  • Sales and customer service (90 minutes)
  • Leadership (90 minutes)
  • Decision making (90 minutes)

Everything DiSC Agile EQ

  • Your EQ Strengths (40-45 minutes)
  • Beyond Your Personal EQ Comfort Zone (95-100 minutes)
  • Develop Your EQ (60 minutes)

Everything DiSC Workplace 

  • Your DiSC® Style (60-65 minutes)
  • Your Colleagues (60-65 minutes)
  • What Drives You (70-75 minutes)
  • You and Other Styles (60-75 minutes)
  • Build Better Relationships (55-60 minutes)

Everything DiSC Management

  • Your Management Style (60 minutes)
  • People Reading (30 minutes)
  • Direct & Delegate (60 minutes)
  • Motivation (60 minutes)
  • Develop Talent (60 minutes)
  • Manage Up (60 minutes)

Download Instructions

Get the Workplace, Agile EQ, and Management Files

  1. Click here and enter your kit serial number
  2. Download the files you need (you'll see separate files for PC and Mac)

Get the Solving the People Problem Files

  1. Click here and enter your credentials
  2. Download the Zip file which contains all modules


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