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Seattle Emotional Intelligence Survey

  • Ever been puzzled by a colleague's thoughts or actions?
  • Want to truly understand why they think or act that way?
  • Are you striving to foster successful and high-performing relationships with people in the workplace?

If you answered with a resounding yes, then you're dealing with the people problem, and we have the solution. Solving the People Problem offers the power of employee DISC assessments for Seattle's hardworking individuals!

Work Relationships

Unlock Your Abilities With Our Emotional Intelligence Survey in Seattle

In our fast-changing work world, grasping your special characteristics and those of your teammates is vital. Embark on the journey toward a more profound understanding of emotional intelligence with employee DISC assessments for Seattle companies and leaders.

Leadership Skills

Download the Field Guide

The Solving the People Problem Field Guide for Leaders is the powerful companion to the book that enables you to take your DISC-EQ to higher levels. Available Sept 29th.

Leadership Skills

The Leader's Companion

Unleash your potential with our Solving the People Problem Field Guide for Leaders, the ideal companion to our eye-opening book, filled with 30 engaging activities that boost your DISC-EQ. Get your guide now!

With nearly two decades of experience, Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan are dedicated to crafting lively work environments. Their book, Solving the People Problem, is brimming with valuable insights obtained from many years of hard work.

Our book provides essential skills to thrive in the contemporary work setting through relatable examples and captivating stories.

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Beyond Just Interactions

How you interact with colleagues can define your career path. Understanding your teammates eliminates obstacles like office gossip and misunderstanding, leading to enhanced efficiency and a healthy work atmosphere.

In Solving the People Problem, Brett and Evans walk you through the nuances of DISC-EQ. Explore the charm of people's differences and gain practical advice on six key aspects:

  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Team collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Customer engagement

Solving the People Problem elevates your emotional understanding, positioning you as a pillar of team unity, success, and efficiency within your organization. Order your copy now!




Meet The Authors

Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan are passionate about assisting people like you in nurturing productive work relationships. They've positively influenced thousands, infusing more compassionate and effective work approaches.

As co-founders of Integris Performance Advisors, Brett and Evans have significantly elevated employee engagement, performance, and financial prosperity for many clients.

Known as trailblazers in team dynamics, leadership, and operational success, Brett and Evans continually inspire and equip their audience to make a meaningful impact.

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