Online DISC Assessment

How Well Do you Know Your DISC Style?

To take your EQ to the next level, few tools are more powerful than a report from an online DISC assessment. 

Why take an online DISC assessment?

Here are two reasons you should choose to complete an online DISC assessment:

  • To get a precise identification of your DISC style. Online teamwork and management assessments can use a large data bank of questions, all designed to pinpoint your style. In fact, the most robust assessments use what’s called computerized adaptive testing, which allows the assessment to really narrow in on your tendencies and preferences and provide a highly accurate report.
  • To receive tailored advice based on your assessment results. While some online DISC assessments do little more than give you a style code and some generic advice, the most robust DISC assessments provide a wealth of detailed insights about your own style and the style of others. These personalized reports can be a very powerful tool in helping you increase your DISC-EQ.
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How should I choose which Online DISC assessment to use?

There are a number of tools on the market designed to give you an online DISC report. All these products are certainly not created equal, which makes sense given that they can range from free to costing several hundreds of dollars per assessment.

Here are some things to look for when selecting which DISC assessment to use:

  • Computerized Adaptive Testing: The most reliable instruments use intelligent surveys that adjust the questions based on previous responses, rather than having every respondent answer the same fixed-list of questions.
  • Personalized Reports: Be sure your assessment provides a custom report that offers personalized insights about your own DISC style and how you interact and respond to people with other DISC styles.
  • Interactive Tools: Top-of-the-line DISC assessments include access to online portals where you can do things like compare your style with your colleagues, create visual maps of all the DISC styles on your team, and dig deeper into DISC theory and research.
  • Range of Applications: Because DISC concepts can be applied to a host of situations and job functions - like managing and leading, selling, working on a team, and dealing with conflict -  look for a tool that offers separate reports for a range of applications.
  • Validated and Market-Tested: You’ll want to be sure your assessment offers results that are proven to be valid, reliable and repeatable. The highest quality options are designed using detailed psychometric research and undergo extensive market testing before ever being offered as a product for sale.

Our Choice in Online DISC Assessments

Our livelihood relies on our ability to give leaders, teams and organizations the absolute best guidance and advice. To do that, we need a DISC assessment that is proven, valid and reliable. After conducting extensive research into the available options, we’ve selected Everything DiSC® as our tool of choice. 

Here are some of the reasons why we decided Everything DiSC was right for us and our clients:

  • Because it uses Computerized Adaptive Testing, the results are very accurate and detailed.
  • The personalized reports all include powerful insights about the respondent's style, other people’s styles and how different styles interact with each other.
  • All Everything DiSC assessments for management and teamwork include free access to an online portal with a number of useful, interactive tools like Comparison Reports, videos and podcast recordings.
  • The Everything DiSC suite includes assessments for a range of applications, including Emotional Intelligence, Management, Productive Conflict, Teamwork, Sales, and general Workplace success.
  • The brand has a 97% satisfaction rate across over 130,000 organizations and 8 million individuals.

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