Chicago Employee DISC Assessments: Building Work Relationships And Communication Training

  • Ever found yourself baffled by a team member's way of thinking or actions?
  • Ever wished to decipher what's going on in their minds?
  • Are you trying to cultivate thriving and high-performing relationships at work?

If you answered a confident yes, then you're grappling with “The People Problem,” and we're your solution. Solving The People Problem brings you the power of employee DISC assessments for Chicago professionals!

Work Relationships

Unlock Your Potential With Our Emotional Intelligence Survey in Chicago

In today's constantly evolving work environment, understanding your unique traits and those of your peers is essential. Take the first step toward a heightened understanding of emotional intelligence here with employee DISC assessments for Chicago businesses and leaders.

Leadership Skills

Download the Field Guide

The Solving the People Problem Field Guide for Leaders is the powerful companion to the book that enables you to take your DISC-EQ to higher levels. Available Sept 29th.

Leadership Skills

The Leader's Companion

Maximize your potential with our Solving The People Problem Field Guide for Leaders, the perfect supplement to our insightful book, packed with 30 stimulating exercises that enhance your DISC-EQ. Grab your guide here.

With a legacy of nearly 20 years, Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan are committed to creating vibrant workplaces. Their book, Solving The People Problem, is packed with their priceless wisdom gained through years of dedication.


Through relatable examples and riveting stories, our book equips you with vital skills to excel in the modern work atmosphere.

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Beyond Just Interactions

The way you deal with teammates can shape your professional path. Grasping why your peers behave the way they do eradicates hindrances like workplace rumors and miscommunication, culminating in increased productivity and a thriving work ambiance.

In Solving The People Problem, Brett and Evans guide you through the subtleties of DISC-EQ. Uncover the beauty of people's differences and obtain actionable guidance on six pivotal areas:

  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Team collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Customer interaction

Solving The People Problem amplifies your emotional intelligence, setting you up as a champion of team harmony, effectiveness, and productivity within your organization. Secure your copy here.




Meet The Authors

Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan are devoted to helping professionals like you foster efficient work connections. They have positively transformed thousands over the last two decades, instilling more empathetic and successful work methods.

As the founding forces behind Integris Performance Advisors, Brett and Evans have dramatically boosted employee engagement, effectiveness, and fiscal prosperity for a host of clients.

Renowned as pioneers in team dynamics, leadership, and operational excellence, Brett and Evans consistently leave their audience inspired and prepared to create substantial influence.

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