Aurora Employee DISC Assessments: Building Work Relationships And Communication Training

  • Ever been baffled by a coworker's decisions or how your superior thinks?
  • Curious about what drives them to act the way they do?
  • Eager to foster a healthy, thriving work environment?

If you're nodding along, you've discovered “The People Problem.” We're here to support you in conquering it with our employee DISC assessments designed for Aurora professionals!

Work Relationships

Unlock Your Potential With Our Emotional Intelligence Survey in Aurora

In today's high-octane professional world, decoding your and others' behavioral patterns is key. Start your journey towards heightened emotional intelligence now with the best employee DISC assessments in Aurora.

Leadership Skills

Download the Field Guide

The Solving the People Problem Field Guide for Leaders is the powerful companion to the book that enables you to take your DISC-EQ to higher levels. Available Sept 29th.

Leadership Skills

The Leader's Companion

Maximize your potential with Solving The People Problem Field Guide for Leaders, an ideal complement to our enriching book, brimming with 30 exciting exercises to augment your DISC-EQ. Secure your guide now.

Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan have strived to cultivate healthier work environments for over 20 years. Their illuminating book, Solving The People Problem, distills the wealth of wisdom gathered from years of unwavering commitment.

Their book is filled with engaging stories and relatable examples that equip you with the essential skills needed to excel in today's professional arena.

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Beyond Just Interactions

Your relationships at work can significantly steer your career's course. Knowing why your colleagues behave the way they do eradicates distractions such as miscommunication and office rumors, resulting in better efficiency and harmonious work culture. Our employee DISC assessments help Aurora businesses work together more efficiently, boosting growth and collaboration.

In Solving The People Problem, Brett and Evans illuminate the aspects of DISC-EQ. They empower you to grasp the core of people's differences and offer actionable insights on six key areas:

  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team collaboration
  • Customer interaction
  • Leadership

Solving The People Problem enhances your emotional intelligence, positioning you as an advocate for unity, efficiency, and productivity within your organization. Secure your copy today.




Meet The Authors

Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan have devoted their careers to aiding professionals in building productive work relationships. They have left a positive mark on thousands over the last two decades, advocating for more humane and efficient ways of collaboration.

As founders of Integris Performance Advisors, Brett and Evans have propelled employee engagement, efficiency, and financial growth for an array of clients.

Hailed as innovative thinkers in team dynamics, leadership, and operational excellence, Brett and Evans invariably leave their audience energized and eager to effect substantial change.

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